After Editing Episode 44 - Thoughts From Doc

It really amazes me how our recording sessions come together, whether it is a special for Christmas (which we will be recording soon) or our regular recordings, after two straight years of recording, the crew really brings some awesome RP and ideas to the table.  We started these last 2 recordings (ep43 and 44 and soon 45) with some sights into the pasts of our "heroes", and the guys let me really take liberty with their backstories.  I am not sure that any other sessions that I have done would have worked out recording like these do.  The group really learned to "yes and" they have come together to create moments that our PC's will have (to which leads to you the listeners have as well) and a great dynamic all around.

Even as I add in my own twists on spells and try to give some flavor to the NPC's I am grateful that my players really just let these things happen without pulling out their books and telling me what spells really can and cannot do.

This recording you will see some great roleplaying, awesome communicating and of coarse the normal mischievousness that the crew gets into.  We try to create a wonderful world for our listeners to want to play in as well. 

I love you all and again, Keep It Nerdy and Live Your Dreams!