Season 3: The Joining - Meeting the Characters, Ivar Onsager

As we start wrapping up Season 2: The Downfall everyone is excited to play a new character as we expand the other arcs we are in.  The players have some interesting characters they are developing and the world is expanding, these two things we are excited about.  So I thought that we could introduce the new characters to you. This week we introduce you to Ivar Onsager, the new human rogue type being played by Thomas Bensen:


 Ivar Onsager, Cartographer Extraordinaire 

Ivar Onsager, Cartographer Extraordinaire 

Good day to you, I am Ivar Onsager, cartographer extraodinaire. I'll bet my maps are the best you've ever seen...
No, really 10 gold says they are the best, don't worry you can pay me later, I'll take an IOU just this once cause I like you.

How did I get here you ask? Well, sit back and let me tell you all about it. I hail from the great city of Tewell, Gawik Square to be more exact. You are familiar, yes? Of course you are, everyone knows the Southwest part of Tewell. Some of the best markets in all the world, I am sure.

As a young boy you say? Well, I explored those streets leaving no stone untouched. I know every inch of Tewell like I know the back of my hand......
Where did that freckle come from?...... Anyways...

Mia and I had as decent of a childhood as you can ask, our parents worked hard to provide for us...aye, he was a woodworker and she a seamstress. Their names? Well of course they had names. Karl and Mila if you must know. Good people they are, taught us what a hard days work is....
Got to say I don't fancy it much.

Close with my parents you say? No...they worked a lot, now Mia and I, you couldn't separate the two of us. She is a beautiful, smart young lass with a heart of gold. I get back to see her every chance I get.

Yaa, I decided one day I needed to see more of this world, so I set out to map as much as I could see, and landed here. With you asking me to many questions...what of you? What landed you here?

As we get closer to the end of Season 2 we will updating you with maps and lands as well as, you guessed it, characters!!

Keep it nerdy, and live your dreams. -Doc