Bros and Dragons Episode 2, How New Things Effect Your Players

Bros and Dragons Episode 2: Holy Ship, We're on a Ship!

HAHAHA Having Kate (Jon's Girlfriend) telling the story was awesome.  That's how much we love the game they just nail it from time to time in their dreams.  I love making the podcast as personal as possible for not only the players but the listeners as well.  Oh my goodness I forgot the "Join us adventurers" intro lol.  Out very first guest, Joe Wood from the Drinkin' Bros: Nerds group on Facebook.  Man we really should have had a small "Nautical Term" class before this episode.  The mistakes are the funnier things too, I need to let these things go, there is a lot of bonding and humor in them.

When I thought of this episode, I wanted there to be an out for the characters to get out the prison or BRIG.  So the Ship they are on was taken over by Kobolds, who are the most vile things, they kill to kill raid for fun and even flail the skin of their victims while they still live.  I do like the aspect of the Goblins attacking the Kobolds by pirating the other ship.  It gave enough chaos but the need for loot seemed to drive the players.  I do remember giving out XP at the beginning and I am so glad that I brought the milestone method to the podcast.  The numbers would be fun but boring and we already record 2.5 hours to get the podcast we have. Also I am glad we went to the (at the time) new 5e initiative rolls, there were too many same rolls in the old d10 system.

Listening to Jon's rolls with his bad dice (three 1's lol) I need to keep track and see what his averages are. This was Jon's first caster too, it was funny listening to him learn that sometime there is damage splash when you cast things. Also, I cannot wait to get all these episodes with some sound fx in them, though it sounds good. I should put some things from the episodes side by side and see what they sound like. HAHA, I say "Right over here" like everyone listening knows what things look like and where I am pointing.  I never claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed, I am just a tool!

The problem with maps, everyone in their heads jump like 40 steps ahead of the story and it makes it harder to keep everything in perspective.  I really like playing with maps and mini's but I really like the players interactions when it is "theater of the mind". I forgot I actually said, "Would you like to investigate the butthole?" and I still cannot believe that happened. I did the keys in these episodes to let the characters think, "Hmm, I wonder what these other keys open" but though I do not like to railroad any story sometimes you have to railroad because they almost ask you to like not asking about the other keys. That means I could use some DM prerogative.
I like the skills challenges, and with the new story based podcast I think that we are going to do more, it will be in the story.  Outside of the podcast I love them because they allow the players to really learn their characters and what they really can do within the game dynamics.
The "Guest Character" was a great idea but most of our guests really play D&D and want to roll their own characters.  The dynamic though was great seeing him change from person to person. It was fun though having everyone trying to do things and trying to get ahead though.

1)      Learn who they each are and figure out what is going on.       X
2)      Save the prisoners on the other boat.                                       X
3)      Save the equipment from the other boat. (DM help)                X

Daniel Gentry