The Prophecy of Bros and Dragons Podcast, Season 2!

The times of laws have never shared,

The domain lies from other ends;

The Downfall comes after the part,

Evil that has ripped through time at start.


The Three shall travel with many a go,

But the Fourth will reject what the Three will know;

The many more will point the way,

To guide the Fourth the Evil must stay.


The Three of Four moves in fives,

Death will come while all survive;

The sixth son of others will dine,

But the One of Four they will deny.


The Torn one will rip the line,

Which will tilt the worlds in unaligned;

The time and fate the Three will make,

The Fourth to bring the Torn to rank.


The ones that win will spare it all,

The ones that lose will more than fall;

If Torn stays there and wins the day,

The Three, not Four, will stop the Way.

Daniel Gentry