Season 3: The Joining - Meeting the Characters, Jarick

February 6th is right around the corner, and it is the first episode of Season 3: The Joining, and we are excited to introduce our fourth character, Jarick who will be played by Jon Cejka.


I’m not much of a talker but since you keep asking for this interview, I’ll give you what I can. I grew  up deep in the Round Capped Rainforest with my family. We constantly travel to the city selling handmade jewelry we made out of gems. This life never really caught my eye. I don’t see how people could pay good money for these but to each their own. When in the city, I would hear stories from adventurers and knew, thats what I was destined to do. When I got older, I set off for adventure and haven’t looked back. I’ve joined many adventure groups but none of them stuck around long. The one thing that has is a panther named Khan. I’ve formed a special bond with him and will give my life for him. Besides that, if you know of any group looking for another adventurer, I’m all ears. Until then, I think you got enough for your interview, now buzz off.


*Khan jumps up from his napping position and starts growling*


Yeah, it’s really time for you to go.

We hope to see everyone on the stream, Twitch.Tv/BrosandDragons on February 6th, 2018 (psst it is a Tuesday) starting at 6pm PST (8pm CST and 9PM EST).

Daniel Gentry