Season 3: The Joining - Meeting the Characters, Wren McCallister

As we creep closer to February 6th, our first recording of Season 3: The Joining, we take another walk with a new character, Wren McCallister who will be played by our very own Keith Ross!!

Wren McCallister.jpg

“Hi, the names Wren...Wren McCallister..child prodigy, wizard extraordinaire, arcane master, and so much more.Enough about me though. What about you? Where do you see me in your life? Hahaha..ahhh I joke..seriously though what can I do for you? Surely you didn’t call me all the way out here to talk about my life..if ya did I would consider you a right shithead ya know? Family? Nah I don’t have much as far as family goes..just me and my Gran..she pretty much raised me my whole life..I never thought to care about any of the others and I don’t expect I’ll start now. Growing up in Tewell wasn’t all to go to the nicest schools..I guess you could say I lived a privileged life ya one of them snobby rich bastards except without all that fineries..Gran always saw I was provided for. She’s a Wizard too you know? On the Arcane Council and all..she’s the whole reason I even went this route, I only hope that I can do her proud..I got a big job comin up soon ya know..big job..real important..Nervous? Nah..not drinks on you..appreciate you grilling me ya dickhead but I got things to do places to see and books to read”

Daniel Gentry