DM Notes for Episodes 1 and 2 which features Supplement

EPISODE 1 and 2:




 A whistle sounds loudly in an open courtyard, outside of the biggest building in the Tinkerers District.  Four guards that are guarding the courtyard stop where they are, weapons, as the 2 up on the balconies draw their bows.  The whistling sounds like it is coming from everywhere all at the same time, and the guards are looking around frantically.  Slowly a man wearing a brimmed leather hat and covered in leather armor, including a long leather coat walks into the courtyard.  The guards realize the whistling is coming from him as they start yelling for the man to stop and turn around.  Once the man reaches the middle of the courtyard, he smiles for a moment, looking at the ground in front of him.  He throws back his coat drawing two smaller weapons from the leather pouches he keeps them in and drops to a knee as the guards keep yelling commands.  The man almost hugs himself with the weapons in his hands and bows his head deeply and says, "Aselma guide me in this endeavor that I might bring your gifts to the world, and from the hands of this corrupt and careless council.  Keep my aim true, and my hand anointed by your touch." he then stands up in a flash, and a thunderous sound can be heard as he points the small weapon at the closest guard and a burst of flames comes out of it.  A small projectile seems to penetrate into the guards right eye and splatters blood and white material as it exits outside the back of his skull.  He fires the second shot at the second guard running at him with the same result.  An arrow from above rips into his left arm leaving a gash as he steps to the side and spins, he points the small weapon up and with another storm like BOOM the projectile finds it's mark as the guard goes limp. Quickly he turns as an arrow nearly misses him again and another BOOM echoes around the courtyard as his projectile hits the other high guard who drops his bow over the balcony as he goes limp.  The man starts running at the last two guards, standing in front of the large double door, he levels both weapons, and as the guard on his right raises his shield, the BOOM rings loudly again, this time the projectile tears through the guards shin, as he screams an falls to the ground.  Another BOOM and the guard on the left falls motionless to the ground.  The man says, "I would appreciate if you just open the door for me." In desperation the guard swings his sword at the man who with a flourish seems to take the blow in his coat. The guard getting ready for another strike, and too late to stop, sees the mans weapon in his face and the BOOM comes as the guard falls.  Spinning his weapons he places them back in the leather pouches and grabs the guards keys, unlocks the door and goes in.  A few moments later he returns with a small box, runs to an alley and disappears into the city.


It is the Break of Dawn


Before you is Adrian Keptwater, he is the Councils main advisor and has been reading the book of Odura by Martin Wildstorm to you, the unabridged copy.

“In a note to the High-King and his council, the Lord General named you 4 as “Star-Touched” whatever that means, and that is why the council sent you to find the Oraki Medallion, which you retrieved. You showed that you work together and that there is something between you, now we find out why.”.

As the old man closes the book he says, “Now that you know everything we know, we can tell you what it is that King and Council would like you to do.” He places the book down, refreshes each of your glasses and says, “Two days ago, the High General Martin Wildstorm went into the realm of the gods, peacefully, at the unnatural age of 148.  He was one of the two known survivors of the Downfall to return from Odura.  Since that time, we have no terrible evils, the land is mostly peaceful, and the only fears we have are, pirates, bandits and kobolds.” He stands up and walks to the fireplace, placing a hand on the mantel, staring into the fire. “Martin was a great man.  He is the only human in a thousand years to see any of the dwarven cities, he and King Zandro worked to bring peace during the Broken War, though that peace is still fragile.  He also was the only man alive to have council with the Tabaxi Shaman in the Round Capped Rainforest.” He seems lost in thought for a moment. He then quickly seems to gather back into the reality here from his thoughts and turns to you four and says, “He also saw something in each of you, something he called ‘The Chance’, though he never said what that was he always said, ‘Wren, Jarrick, Ivar, and Mariote are the ones who will be instrumental in bringing Odura back for good.’ I never knew what that meant, but the council is asking you to go and find out. The Lord General was sure that the Tabaxi in the Round Capped Rainforest were part of the solution but he never said more than that.  The goal here is to get into Odura and find out what happened.”  He looks at the book, “The story doesn’t add up.”


DC15Persuasion = the crown will buy them two horses and a carriage, and 50g each to buy supplies

DC10Persuasion = the crown will give each 50g for supplies


“Please, go enjoy the first day of fire festival.  Get your things together and join us at Dusk as we celebrate the life of the late High General Martin Wildstorm, as we commit his body to his goddess Arlen, in a Fire Ceremony.  Also, in the castle there is a young man who was the last to be with Martin in his final moments.  Seek out Timothy, maybe there is some information that he can give you.”


“The fortune of the Gods be upon you.” He says as you leave, he closes and you can hear the door lock behind you.

Walking out of hall


-Perception rolls-

DC 5 – You hear some of the staff whispering about the Queens handmaiden is sick, that the Doctor is not a trained alchemist, but if no one does anything soon, she will die. (A Complicated Cure – Doctor has never seen this before, and might need an old medical book about diseases before the return of Odura – Might be a sign of Evil Arising)

DC 10 – A Jailor rushes by you, heading to Adrian’s room, as he passes you hear him say, “I cannot believe we’ve lost another one. (The Forgotten Cell)

                -DC20 – You hear the maids say, “The Lover Scorn is still down there.”

                                - There was a man who loved a princess along time ago, he was imprisoned falsely by the King of the Land then, they think it is King Merticula, and he had the man tortured. During the torture he was killed accidently, or so they thought.  He was a necromancer that kept himself undead, and he feeds on those imprisoned down there.

                                - The Princess Mericula’s Ashes are in the Royal Crypt, during the nights, a figure has been seen visiting, and some guards that have seen it have died trying to stop them but their bodies are never found.



-          Investigating – in the sub-basement of the jail, behind some very old crates there is a reinforced fail cell door. DC10 – Though it is covered in dust and cobwebs, the door has been opened and closed at least recently (Jailor does not have a key, but will try all the keys on his ring) 

-DC16 Perception, the jailor is skipping over one key, if confronted he says, “There are so many stories about the curse of this cell,” but not wanting to engage in battle, he will unlock it and run away to let the PC’s into the room.

                -“The cell is 20 feet wide and extends 30 feet deep from the door.  The dark space is littered with destroyed furniture and rotten cloth in what must have been a bed, a large table, several chairs and bookcases.  A jail cell for a lord.  Broken, rotten bodies, of what you assume to be missing prisoners and two guards lay about the room”

- Once two are inside, 6 Zombies (4 “prisoners” in matted and decaying clothes and 2 guards – USE GUARD AC) will attack them in a surprise round (DC20 Perception Negates)

- After 2 rounds, a bigger undead thing will try and run out of the room, if way is blocked, he will attack (Use “The Hawk”)

- If Killed, his ghost will release and say, “Now I can get my revenge on those that wronged me” and disappear into the walls. (Daily, the buried dead will rise and attack the city, only one at a time and the most recent until a ceremony is performed on his corpse.




-          If you go to the guards inquiring, they will rush you to the handmaidens chamber.  Dr. Reval is there, a pretty reknowned doctor but he has never seen this disease before, and he found this recipe and has the ingredients, but he is scared to try because the ingredients are rare and has the last of the ones in the City.  -SKILL CHALLENGE- DC15 Survival, Arcana, Medicine


                                -You determine that the flower petals should be crushed first, and create one standard dose

                                -While gently heating the yarrow stalks to release a scent of burnt sugar, you have a brief flash of an early memory and create one standard dose

                                -You nearly drop your spoon, but catch it before it goes in, and you finish the last standard dose.

                                -NATURAL 20 – CREATE ONE SUPERIOR DOSE, WHICH CURES THE DISEASE (IF MORE THAN ONE, GET TO KEEP EXTRAS Potions of Lesser Restoration)



                                -You misread the very first instructions, and boil a third of the delicate flowers, ruining one dose.

                                -The tiny twigs should be heated until they smelled of burnt sugar.  You burned them to ashes ruining one dose.

                                -Clumsily, you drop your stirring spoon into the pot, ruining the final dose.

                                -NATURAL 1 – For each natural 1 roll, one dose becomes a vial of poison.



Two guards and near one of the towers in the Royal District, making cooing and kissing noises and waving some meat.


-They are trying to entice the hawk to come down and bet each other 1 SP to whoever it comes to first

-DC17 Animal Handling, Survival, Perception


-You are able to catch the hawk's attention

-The hawk will sweep up and take something from your hand if offered, or fly over to look closer at you before returning to the nesxt - winning the wager


-The hawk appears to see something down below, ignoring you.'

-The hawk looks at you breifly, then nestles down on her eggs.


TREASURE - DC10Animal Handling, if you return and make 7 checks (one a day to attempt) you can train the Hawk





You approach a door with a giant yellow feather emblazoned upon it.  You hear a voice on the inside. -AMANDA RP- when you enter you see a modest bed, two night stands though the one of the left is the only one with anything on it.  There is a bookshelf covered with books, with a bunch of books in piles surrounding it.  There is a small round table with a chessboard open upon it with pieces and three chairs, and in one of those chairs you see -Timothy. Across the room from the table with young buy is a desk.  The only other adornment is a large leaf (Radiki only found in Elven Forest) with silver arrows that are crossed inlaid in the middle of it.


MARTIN's Funeral


At Dusk you look around and see all those who are gathered here.  You are gathered to stand next to the King and two of the council, and some advisors.  To your left, never seen before in many many centuries are Dwarves from the actual dwarven kingdoms, or so you are told.  They are dressed in bright and shiney Dwarven Plate Armor and the one in the middle has a helmet that looks to have a crown upon it.  To your right, the God King Zandro Omahana, a demi-god and his brother Rash'mala, a living God in the world.  As well as an entourage of more Elves then have ever been seen gathered outside of their homelands than anyone can remember. Across from you, a group of Tabaxi that are dressed in a lot of mystical attire, seemingly an uncivilized people.  There are also a group of Orcs that are nomadic as well as dragonborn, most perculiar is the group of Goblins that are wearing the armor of Arlen standing close. 


As the sun sets, the fire is lit.  It goes up in a bright blaze enveloping the body of Martin.  Boxes carried by servants go from the King, one to King Zandro, and one to the King of the Dwarves.  Each box is opened and closed and with a nod, each is taken by each group.  As the High-Cleric of Arlen comes to the King, he presents the Trident of Arlen to her, and she bows and as she does, there is a loud pop and snarl sound that comes from the body of Martin.  A bright Orange and White fire burst forth from the top of the fire (DC20Perception to notice it is coming from the tattoo that seems to be removing itself from Martin) after a few moments of this a loud screech comes out which makes everyone except Rash'mala and Zandro duck slightly, as a large Phoenix bursts forth from the fire and flies into the night.  An Elf says, "What a great man, that upon his death a Phoenix is Born!!" The giant gathering seems to leave slowly at first and after awhile you are the only ones that are left here, pondering about this man that you have only shortly met but has been a very inspirational but also now, very disruptive in your lives.




The supplement used in these two episodes is From Limitless Adventures and is Copy-written 2017, it was used with permission and because we want to support a great up and coming D&D DM assisting manufacturer that is awesome!!