The Player Notes for Episode 52 (Season 3 Episode 2)

EPISODE 2: After waking early from the dream Ivar heads to the Tin and Anvil Tavern in the market area, looking to start his day with a light meal.
Wren woke and talked to his grandmother about the dream and the elven saying we heard in the dream. She seemed to kind of know what it meant. He also showed her the bite mark on his chest that we both had.
Jarick had stayed the night at the Bottom of the Barrell, tavern in the lower district. He grabbed some food before leaving this place.
Wren showed up at the Tin and Anvil while Ivar was eating. They talked a little about the upcoming travels they would be going on and what supplies they might need for the 72-day trip. Wren was going to try and get us horses and/or cart. Ivar would try and get a map of the area.
As Wren and Ivar leave the tavern and set off on their own, Ivar went into the Never Lost cartographers guild and talked to the clerk who said he might have a few maps of the Round Capped Rainforest. When he found it, it had very little detail on it at all and he wanted 10 gold for it. Ivar said no and he would go there and make a map and sell it to the clerk. The clerk said he would pay 50 gold for a good map of the area.
As Ivar left he ran into Jarick and they started to head to the Castle to meet up with Wren. As they walked along bags were thrown over their heads. Ivar was pulled into a building and thrown on the floor. When the bag was pulled off him a Half-Orc came up, Ivar knew him from the local Thieves Guild. He went by the name Honeyfingers but his real name was Molly. He didn’t want me to leave town, that they didn’t want to lose the gold. Ivar pretty much said he was leaving and that he would return, they would get their gold. After just a minute they picked him up and throw him out the door. As he lands he see the other bag and the panther tied up. Ivar releases them both and they continued on their way. Before releasing Ivar they put a bracelet on him.
We had to stop at a temple since Jarick dislocated his shoulder in the fray. Then continued to the castle.
We got there and Wren was already there. As we were getting ready to head up to Timothy’s room when a young man asked for help say his father was being held in the jail cells down stairs yesterday but this morning when he tried to get him they said that he was not there and there is no record of him being there. While investigating it we found a room that was behind some crates and it turns out that there were people being held there by some man, we had to fight off some zombies and this guy. We took them out and released the prisoners. We left the jail area

Daniel Gentry