The Players Notes for Episode 51 (Season 3 Episode 1)

EPISODE 1: Pre-episode: A whistling can be heard as a man walks down the middle of the road from the shadows. Two guards with bows stand on the balcony at the ready while four guards stand near the door to a building. One of the guards on the street yells out, “halt”. In response the man drew two weapons pointing one at a guard on the street and the other at one on the balcony, with a loud boom both guards dropped at the same time. Th other guard on the balcony released the arrow striking the man in the shoulder as the guards on the street advanced toward the man. The man took aim at two of the advancing guards on the road and with another loud boom the two guards dropped in the middle of the road. An arrow landed solid in his upper leg. He quickly aimed at the remaining two guards, dropping them both with a third boom.
Seemingly unfazed by the arrows he continued to walk into the building. Exiting moments later carrying a box and heading back the way he came from.

Jarick, Wren and Ivar are sitting talking with Adrian Keptwater after retrieving Aroka medallion, he was telling us how we passed the test. He continued on to tell us a bit about Martin that he thought us the start touched and that we should learn what had happened in Odura a hundred years ago when it was brought back into this world. He also told us that we should meet at dusk for the funeral and celebrating of Martin’s life. It would take place in the Royal Court Yard.
He wants us to travel to the Round Capped Rain Forest, which is about 72 days travel from here. He also told us about Timothy a young lad that was friends with Martin in his last days and we might want to talk with him. He could be found in Martins room.
We left not even asking where Martins room was so we asked a guard that was near the royal castle and luckily he pointed us in the right direction. As we came to the room there was a yellow feather painted on the outside of the door.
We met Timothy, the room was fairly basic for a room in a royal castle. There was a modest bed, a desk with book piled only on the right side of it, a fire place with a rug in front of it, a table with a chess set sitting on it with 3 chairs around the table, a book shelf with many books in it and some elven leaf mounted to the wall.
While talking to Timothy, Ivar started to look around the desk finding 3 letters and a book about Odura, a note fell out of the book (it says “one day the truth needs to be known) and a book titled “Wind patterns for birds” (in thieves cant: it has secrets of Odura, but I will have to research it more).
When Jarick and Timothy went to get something to eat Wren and Ivar went back to the room to search some more. We couldn’t remove the leaf from the wall but while looking at it Wren wiped the silver lining on it and a spirt came out of it and said something in elvish to us but neither of us understand what it means but we remember what is sounds like. We didn’t really find anything else of importance in the room.

Daniel Gentry