Season 3: The Joining - Meet the Characters - Fenrir

We are three episodes in (we will be recording 8 soon) and we have a new edition to the team, please meet, Fenrir:

Good afternoon sir, how can I help you? Well I suppose it’s reasonable to ask me some questions. The name is Fenrir, pleased to make your acquaintance. Before you start, may I? Where would someone find work around here? I have a somewhat specialized skill set, did some scouting/mercenary type work before finding my way here. Just following where work takes me. What’s going on around here? Anything special? No, well alright then. What? Oh yes, your questions. Well like I said my name is Fenrir, mercenary for hire, all well established. I’m decent at finding people, so long as it’s for good reason. Coin alone won’t direct my ire, no thank you. I’m of higher morality than a standard sell-sword thank you very much. That said, I am looking for someone. Someone, maybe something…I don’t know. If you could give me any information about them, it, whatever…I’d be very grateful. What did they do? Let’s just say they entered the wrong den. Don’t be concerned about their well-being, they deserve far worse than what I can give them. That doesn’t mean I won’t try my damn best to bring the wrath that they have eluded thus far, but truly do not worry. I won’t bring any harm to those that don’t deserve it. I’m here to help, I just have to make a living as I do so. Right? Haha, excellent. So, any information? Jobs? Anything you can give me to point me in the right direction? Well that is a shame, but thank you for your time! I appreciate you answering me truthfully. Do me a favor and send word to me if you discover anything, yes? Great! And if you do find anything, or I find you weren’t completely honest with me--I will find you first. Don’t worry though, I won’t bring harm to those that don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve it, right? Much appreciated. Have a great Mid-Harvest!

We are well on our way, and hope to see you almost every Tuesday on from 5:30 Pacific (7:30 Central and 8:30 Eastern) for 2-3 hours on Tuesday's!!

Daniel Gentry