Bringing people together through art, entertainment and community since 2016.

Welcome to Bros & Dragons, Inc a company that is dedicated to the advancement of art, talent, and every creative endeavour.  What started out as just five friends creating a podcast has moved into a business format, as well as various communities for those with creative talents.

Through education, assistance and working with creative people, the design of the company is to take the properties of creative people out of the the big corporations hands and return them to creator's.  Our goal, to leave the world more creative then when we came in to it.

Meet the business team!


Daniel "Doc" Gentry, President and CEO of Bros & Dragons, Inc.

Doc grew up in Chicago, Illinois but now resides in Seattle, Washington.  He has a long career of being a servant to his community and country serving as a Firefighter for 7 years, then joining the United States Army.  A very compassionate person, Doc tries to bring out the best of people and have fun doing so.  As the Dungeon Master and Host of the Dungeons and Dragons Story Play Podcast, Bros and Dragons, he gives us all a chance to hear his creative nature in entertainment.

"The purpose behind Bros & Dragons, Inc is simple.  We created an environment of work, that is more play and creative based, to help others of creative natures be and give the best of their craft.  I am excited to see what this company becomes. Everyone must be true to themselves and find their own path, or as I always say, 'Keep it nerdy and live your dreams'" -Daniel Doc Gentry

You can follow and talk to Doc on Twitter @IAmDMDoc or Facebook at

Keith Ross, Vice President of Merchandise


Keith grew up in Pikeville, Tennesse before joining the United States Army and after that, became an Over the Road Truck Driver, seeing most of United States. Now he lives in Savannah, Georgia where he oversees the entire production line of Bros & Dragons, Inc merchandise as well as Bros and Dragons Podcast Merchandise.  As a player on Bros and Dragons Podcast, Keith adds his flavor to the Audio Drama and brings his characters to life.

"Bros & Dragons, Inc is a platform for like-minded people to come together through love of is a stepping stone for those trying to become professionals in their trade." -Keith Ross

You can follow and talk to Keith on Twitter @ElmoTheUsurper

Kylie Fauquher, Vice President of Marketing

You can follow and talk with Kylie on Twitter @CritiKylie


Adam Farber, Social Media Director

Adam is originally from Watchung, NJ before entering the Navy, where he still works, and now he resides in Severna Park, MD.  He has always enjoyed helping where he could, either as a volunteer EMT or High School Lacrosse coach, and now with Bros and Dragons his volunteering has been recognized with a business position. 

"I look forward to helping the dreams of those around me become reality and work hard to encourage and develop others so that they can succeed.  I feel that Bros and Dragons is a community that brings out the best of folks and allows for those interested to expand their creativity and abilities, as well as allowing me to meet my aspirations." -Adam Farber

You can follow and talk to Adam on Twitter @HarambeWasSetup (Or pretty much just write on any of our Social Media Platforms!)


Daniele Cozzi, Lead Graphic Designer

Born in California, raised in Italy, and now living in Rhode Island, Daniele started as a fan of the Bros and Dragons Podcast and by doing small projects, joined the team in 2017.  Most notably his first design was the Season 2 Cover Art for the podcast.  Daniele started in media and different artistic endeavors since the age of 7 making his own news broadcast with his old school VHS camcorder and some blankets. As well as being the Primary Designer for Bros & Dragons, Inc, Daniele also continues to serve his community as a Volunteer Firefighter and a full time EMT. Daniele also has a Podcast in the works that we will be supporting as soon as he is going!!

"Bros and Dragons Podcast has been fun and interesting to listen to and I like that Bros & Dragons, Inc believes in keeping the art and creative properties with the people who have created them." -Daniele Cozzi

You can follow and talk with Daniele on Twitter @DestinyStPod